Embrace change, embrace life

“When something dies, you don’t lose it, because you never owned it.” - Mooji

When changes happen, we try to resist. For it is very hard to give up on a dream, especially those dreams that we nurtured for years. For it is hard to wake up to the reality. We are sad, we suffer.

Yet in every change that is happening, we can see the beauty of life unfolding. If we place ourselves in this place of ours where sadness and suffering is welcome, in this place of ours where we can give empathy to ourselves, we can witness that this sadness and this suffering are manifestations of life. When we feel this way, we are alive.

When we embrace change, we say “That’s life”. It doesn’t mean that there’s nothing we can do or could have done about it. We say “this is a manifestation of life, this is life calling on us”. It means “That’s being alive”. Of course, we can explain, we can see the things in the past that lead to the present. That’s how we learn from the past, and that is also how we experience life itself.

We can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can live by our choices given whatever circumstances life “blesses” us with. When we embrace change, it doesn’t mean that we agree with what is happening, it doesn’t mean that we don’t feel sadness, and that things don’t still hurt inside. But the reality is the reality and there’s no way to say no to it. There is beauty in every aspect of life, it is up to us to open our eyes and our heart to it, and fully live our life. When we embrace change, we embrace life.