Do you blog to vent?

“The act of writing is an act of optimism. You would not take the trouble to do it if you felt it didn’t matter” - Edward Albee

I had this conversation a few months ago with a friend who recently discovered my blog. He was also planning on starting his own blog, but was wondering what kind of stories he should write about. He asked whether some of my stories were not a way to vent my frustration. He thought it wasn’t something good for my readers, because these stories carried too much negativity. And nobody wants to read negative stuff. Also, these stories make me look bad, as someone unhappy and complaining. At this point, I may need to mention that I grew up in France.

Joke aside, I found this discussion very interesting. Indeed writing helps me to get over difficult situations. Writing is like homework, it helps me to get through life with its up and down. Writing helps me to organize my thoughts and God knows, I think a lot (too much, that’s why I need to meditate)! However, do I really write for my readers? And if not for my readers, then why do I even bother to write and publish? This reminds me of a colleague who wanted to start a private personal blog, a blog that only he could read. If nobody reads these lines that I am currently writing then I suppose I have a private personal blog!

When I started this blog back in 2013, my objective was to create a space for people to understand me better, and that included myself. I wanted to create better conversations. So yes, I guess I write for my readers, but only for those who want to engage in such conversations. Having more readers isn’t my objective with this blog. I am not concerned that people might see me as a negative person. People usually say the opposite actually. I am a pronoiac. Anyway, what really matters is that this blog is my home and I can just be myself, with everything that happens as I wander through life, and everything that I wonder about.

I don’t value my home for the number of people who come to visit me, I value it as a safe place where I can be and where I can welcome friends. And in that place, I can vent as much as I like!