Blogging is the School of Life's homework

“The worst thing a kid can say about homework is that it is too hard.” - Henry Jenkins

After I graduated, I got my first job in an IT consulting firm and moved to Paris with my boyfriend. Life was good: I was busy at work, I was busy at home.

Then I met a colleague who introduced me to a Vietnamese community I got quite fond of and started a magazine project with them. Life was even better: I was now busy in a community.

I was always on the run, working long hours, doing DIY work at home, writing and promoting the magazine. One day we met a professor we wanted to write about, and after I introduced myself, he said: “Ah you’re not a student anymore, you must have plenty of time!” In my memory of young professional, it was quite the opposite: students surely have more time to run associations, they are much more flexible about working hours. I had forgotten about all the homework students are given.

This is significant time that students are requested to take to focus on topics to get deeper knowledge and understanding. And they usually have a dissertation to deliver to expose their findings.

In our daily life we learn a lot through the richness of our connections, the flow of information is nearly continuous. Drawn towards meetings and actions, we rarely take the time to stop and go deeper. We don’t have teachers to give us homework.

I find that blogging is an answer to this. Every blog article is a concrete deliverable. It helps me to take time on my own and think. After writing a blog post, I am a different person. I understand better about a topic and my view on it.

The school of life is very rich. Teachers are the people we meet, lectures are the conversation we entertain, lecture notes are the books we read, practical assignments are the projects we do, written assignments are blogging.